Location: Denver, Colorado We Serve Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. Call: (720) 628-6053 For service quotes and sales. Email: woodysbilliards@hotmail.com We accept the following forms of payment: Cash and verifiable Checks Accepted (720) 628-6053 “Never put off tomorrow, what you can accomplish today.”  - President Abraham Lincoln We are a family owned and operated company, Curt, owner of Woody's Billiards, is working into his 21st year of experience in the industry. Curt "Woody" Woodruff, started his love for the game of pool at the early age of five. His grandfather, Robert "Woody" Woodruff, used to take him to the pool halls on Broadway and Alameda, among others, when he wanted to "shark" or "hustle" other players. The theory behind this was who would start trouble with a man who had a kid clinging to his pant legs? Curt used to sit on the bar stools with a cold bottle of Coke and a bomb popsicle until Granddad was done in the back rooms winning his money or losing his shirt. He would sometimes get into trouble for rolling balls on the table or trying to use a cue to take a shot. Hard to do when you are knee-high to an ant hill. As time went on he got older and better at the game he so loves to this day. Granddad died on Veteran's Day in 1989, devastating his family and specially affecting Curt forever. Curt worked for a local pool table company during high school and into his early adult years. He followed in his Granddad's footsteps and went off to serve his country in the U.S. Army, achieving many awards and commendations. All the while he was still practising and honing his skills as a pool player and billiards mechanic. After being honourably discharged from both Active Duty and the National Guard, Curt began to slowly work his way into the industry and has made a name for himself and his dedication to quality craftsmanship and hard work. Curt adopted his Granddad's nickname as a way of honouring a great man and true mentor in his life. He holds true to his Granddad's teachings and "old-school" ways and passes them on to his beautiful children, who incidentally, are becoming quite the pool players themselves. In his own words, Curt honours his Granddad everyday by providing the kind of quality service at a fair price that his Granddad would have given if he were here today. We as a company hold true to the teachings of a wonderful man, mentor, father figure and great pool player. We promise quality work, fair pricing, honesty, dedication and commitment to excellence. We will NEVER sell you a CHEAP product, we will ALWAYS sell you a HIGH QUALITY product at a FAIR and AFFORDABLE price. Thank you. We value your family because we have one of our own that we love and cherish.